Our Spa area, an endless balcony over the Aegean, is like a hanging garden which in combination with the sea and the blue sky, gives the impression that guests are traveling above the sea.

Besides this natural beauty, you can further enjoy the indoor pool with a professional Jacuzzi which has three modes ready to eliminate all kinds of mental or physical fatigue. The wellness area also provides a Swedish type sauna, two Power Douches, and a dual Hammam (one for women and one for men), which can accommodate up to six people each.

In the Spa area you will also find two treadmills, one Multi gym, a stationary bike, and weights so that you do not deprive yourselves of the joy of gymnastics during your vacation.

Finally, special reference should be given to the Wellness Pool located at the front end of the exterior Spa area. This special Wellness Pool is equiped with the following:

  • one meter wide powerful waterfall
  • two professional Jacuzzis
  • six additional power jets in the main pool for integrated and complete hydromassage sense
  • two cannon jets for cervical and back massage
  • a high tech professional system (with 10hp motors) for counter-current swimming (reverse swimming)

All the above features properly used can provide within twenty minutes real rejuvenation, good circulation, and wellness for the rest of your day.